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Feat ures:

Guest Speakers-Current and Former Hogs, Professional Hogs.

2-3 Campers Per Room

Mini Lectures

Drug Abuse




All Campers Receive:

Individual Instruction NOTE: ALL





Certificate of Participation WALK TO DORMS AND


Special Features TOGETHER-LIKE A TEAM!!!!!

. . .



Third most wins in the 1990s Twenty-four conferce

with a national title (1994) Championships (22 SWC 2 Sec)

and a national runner-up 2 SEC).

finish (1995).

Four-time SEC Western

1994 NCAA National Division Champions

Champion and 1995 NCAA

National Runner-Up.

Home of 16 all-America

choices and 90 all-conference

Twenty-five NCAA selections (83 SWC, 7 SEC).

Tournament appearances

including four Final Four

Appearances. Bud Walton Arena seats

19,200 fans and is the fifth

largest on-campus collegiate

arena in the countrv.

It is my 13th year as Head Basketball Coach at the University of Arkansas. There has been tremendous growth in individual interest as well as skill development in the State of Arkansas. We must reach out to our youth and help lay down the foundation by teaching the fundamental techniques in all phases of the game. This has always been my philosophy at the Nolan Richardson Basketball Camp.

For the past 13 years, our camp has been one of the finest instructional camps in the country. An individual must practice hard each day to

1994 National Coach of The Year

improve as a basketball player from one year to the next. Since young people mature at different rates, it is imperative to work on the fundamentals and learn to play more than one position. My own players work daily on simple drills and skills because repetition is the key to improvement. Our camp atmosphere provides a learning environment as coaches motivate and work daily with each camper.

I look forward to working with you and encourage you to attend the 1998 Nolan Richardson Basketball Camp with the willingness to learn.

Arrival and Registration

Registration will take place in Walton Arena. Enter through the big garage door on the east side of the facility. This door will lead you to the court.


All campers will check out on the Walton Arena Court. This will take place at the conclusion of each respective camp. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the awards ,ceremony prior to checkout.

Housing and Meals

All overnight campers will be housed in Walton Hall (across from Razorback Stadium) and another dorm selected by the University of Arkansas Residence Life Department. Campers will be roomed according to age and there will be 2-3 campers per room. The majority of the camp staff members will also reside in the dorms with the campers.

Campers will be served an abundance of wholesome meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served to overnight campers. Day campers will be provided lunch and dinner.


Discipline & Supervision

The Nolan Richardson Basketball Camp is one of the finest instructional camps in the country. We are proud that our campers adhere to set guidelines and rules. We aim to create an environment that will enhance their learning experience and give

them a positive attitude which is essential in playing a TEAM game!

Campers are not allowed to date, ride in cars, or smoke while at camp, nor will they be allowed to be off campus unless with an organized and supervised camp group. All visitors must secure permission through the Camp Director. Early departures must furnish written parental sanction to Camp Director prior to start of camp. Campers will be supervised by the coaches at all times.

Any serious violations such as damage or other behavior deemed detrimental to the camp will result in immediate dismissal. No refunds will be made when such action occurs.

This camp will have a coach to camper ratio of 10-1. There will be coaches staying on each floor of the dormitory to ensure a safe environment.

Eligibility and Physical

Any boy between the ages of 8 and 18 years is eligible if he has not begun his senior year in high school. Each camp is arranged into groups according to age and size. Each camper must have a physical checkup by a family physician. A checkup form is included on the application page.


All campers must have their own medical coverage. However, all campers are covered by an excess group policy. Professional trainers

are on staff 24 hours a day. Several will reside in the dorm with the campers.

What to Bring?

T-shirts, shorts, socks, basketball shoes, towels, washcloths, toilet articles and bedding for twin size bed. (Many campers bring a sleeping bag instead of sheets!)

Camp Store

The need for money is limited. The camp will sell pizzas, Razorback clothes, candy and pop. The Camp Store is located near the Walton Arena court.


5-5, 3-3, Playmaker, Defensive, Offensive, Rebounder, Outstanding Camper, MVP, Free Throws and Most Improved.

Lost Keys: A key to the dormitory will be issued to each camper. A fee of $45 will be charged for lost keys. (This is our replacement cost.)

Additional Information: Day campers need to be at Walton Arena by 8:15 a.m. and can be picked up at night after 8:45 p.m.

The Razorback staff will be happy to pick up campers at the Fayetteville Airport or bus station if we are notified at least one week prior to their camp.

For additional information, contact the Nolan Richardson Razorback Basketball Camp, Box 748, Farmington, AR 72730-0748, or call 501-575-6388 / Fax 501-575-6525.