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                  Michigan Mens BasketBall Camp
                                                Dates: June 13-17 , June 27-July 1, July 4-8
                                                                 Day Camp: August 1-5

A Note From
Coach Ellerbe
mich2.JPG (1784 bytes) Again this summer, the University of Michigan Men's Basketball Program will host several weeks of basketball camps for boys. These camps present a tremensous opportunity to learn and develop fundamental basketball skills. Whether you choose the day camp or the overnight camp, you will receive excellent instruction from our fantastic slate of high school and college coaches and special guest speakers. Our camp has built the reputation as being one of the finest instrucitonal camps in the country and we take great pride in the fact that you will leave camp being a moree complete and fundamentally sound player than when you arrive.
    We Believe the old saying : Great players are made in the summer! The experince you can gain by attending a Michigan Basketball Camp will prove very valuable in helping you become the best player you can be. We offer excellent facilities, outstanding instruction from a top-notch staff, and plenty of actual game competition. Remember, we're only accepting a limited number of participants per session on a first come, first served basis. Print out the registration form and send it in early. You don't want to be left out of the excitement!!!!
Brian Ellerbe
Head Coach

                                                          All Around Action:
The Univeristy of Michigan Basketball Camp Is Designed to advance the skills of both the advanced and beginning basketball player. From the technical to the mental, each aspect of basketball is discussed, demonstrated and innstructed. With an experienced and talented staff, each camper is assured of improved basketball knowledge and skills.
During the week, campers will be introduced to a wide range of areas which will strengthen their ability. Highlights of the camp include:

mich9.JPG (5484 bytes)  Daily Instruction & competiton at Chrisler Arena
      -Special Games with camp staff
      -Motivationa and instructional video tapes
      -Personalized instruction form the Michigan Basketball Staff
    -Player of the day award
    -5on5 , Fast Break, and Sudden Death League Play Daily
     -All You Can Eat meals
     -Awards( Hot Shot, Free Throws, One-on One)
     -Free Camp T-Shirt
     -Optional Instruction (Free Time)
     -Personal Evaluation sheets
     -Training Staff on duty (lecture given on conditioning and prevention
       of injuries
     -Special Activites at the dormotories
     -Free Camp Notebook

mich21.JPG (3868 bytes)The Best Possible Atmosphere To Learn and Sharpen Your Basketball Skills
The University of Michigan Basketball Staff will be present during each session. Emphasis will be placed on individual instructioon in all aspects of the game with one coach available for every 12 campers. Daily Instruction for each camper will include offensive and defensive skill work includin shooting, passing, dribbling, screening, cutting, one-on-one moves, rebounding, man-to-man defense, movement without the ball and ball handling. In addition to the basic skill work, each camper will be encouraged to become a "student" of the game. This goal will be guided by dqily lectures, films,intensive drills, exposure to college and pro players, sportsmanship and competition. Each camper will be receive a notebook containing drills and motivational materials.
Send It In!!!!          It is the intent of the entire University of Michigan Basketball Staff to provide each and every camper with the best possible atmoshpere to learn and sharpen his basketball skills. With an esteemed staff of   high school  and college coaches, the University of Michigan Men's Basketball Summer Camp will be a tremendous basketball experience for all involved.
                                                  A Typical Schedule 
                            (Sample Only-Actual may Vary)
mich23.JPG (6460 bytes)                                  Sunday
3:30-5:30  Registation at Crisler Arena
4:00-5:30  Supervised Free Shooting @IM Building
5:30          Meeting @ Residence halls
6:00          Opening Camp Meetin

9:00          Overnight Campers return at Crisler Arena Tunnel
                                   Weekday Schedule
7am           Wake Up  
7-8:30        Breakfast                   
8-8:45        Early Bird Shooting       
 8:50           Roll Call                                        
 9:00             Instruction Session I
                                      11:35-1:00     Lunch
  1:05               Roll Call
  1:10-2:10     Guest Speaker
  2:00-2:15     Free Throw Shooting
  2:15-3:30     Team Practice/Strength Training
  3:30-4:45     League Games
  4:45              Optional Instruction
  4:30-6:15     Dinner
  6:20               Roll Call

6:30-8:45     League Games 
8:15-9:00    Counselor Games    
8:45               Fast break Sudden Death Leagues
9-11               Supervised Residence hall Activites